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double flanges double sphere flexible rubber expansion joints

double flanges double sphere flexible rubber expansion joints

More details

1) Expansion joint are low cost vibration and deflection absorption components in fluid conveyance pipelines.

2) The bellows consists of two symmetrical connecting ends, either threaded unions for smaller nominal bores or flanged ends for larger nominal bore pipelines.

3) The body of the bellows is essentially a robust rubber cylinder that is capable of absorbing vibration and movement in pipeline components.

4) Bellows are often installed in-line with water pumps as the absorber of the operating vibration of the pump and movements due to pump start up, shut down.

5) Bellows are also able to absorb axial displacement due to pipeline expansion and contraction, and lateral displacement and pipeline angularity. 

Available Range 
From DN20mm - DN1000mm. 

Material of Construction 
Flange - Steel to SABS 1431 Grade 300WA
Flange Coating - Galvanized
Rubber Seal - E.P.D.M. or N.B.R.